MJ50 exhaust fitting

Anybody have any suggestions or experience fitting a new exhaust on a Yamaha towny? Bought the MLM people’s pipe for the qt50 but it hangs different on the towny. Show me some pichaaassss!


Re: MJ50 exhaust fitting

Gonna have to bend it to fit, get out the oxy/acetylene or maap and make it fit. Tomos a35 exhausts mount as well with a slight amount of work. My towny is pretty damn fast with the stock exhaust, I dont think it's worth changing honestly. Those 35 dollar yt60 ebay kits are super nice for how cheap they are.

Re: MJ50 exhaust fitting

Jack Rutherford /

show a picture of it on the Towny as best you can. The mounting point on the side is not long enough right?


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