VM18 or PHVA 17.5 for a stockish A55?

For stock cylinder with the people's side bleed chamber pipe, looking to keep the original plastics: any tangible performance improvements with one or the other carb? (edited)

Re: VM18 or PHVA 17.5 for a stockish A55?

Mikuni will perform more forgivingly if your jetting is off. The downside would be that it wouldn’t “tell” you as clearly as the PHVA that adjustments should be made. Although by using the search and tuning spreadsheet you should be able to find more or less much where you want to be jet-wise with both carbs.

Also if you don’t upgrade from the original 14mm intake then you wouldn’t really be any better off with either over the stock 14 PHVA. (edited)

Re: VM18 or PHVA 17.5 for a stockish A55?

Dmitry K. /

That's interesting and very true about the ID of the intake. You see moped part shops marketing a55 'speed kits' like this one without an matching intake or sprockets upgrades: a hodgepodge of parts they had on hand and threw together, a kit destined to be restricted, under performing, and disappointing.

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