Modern Maxi Trellis Frame

Hey there! Lately Ive been thinking about building a new moped and was thinking about out of the box ideas. this one got me interested. one of the key characteristics of the modern sport bikes like the ducati monster is a bright trellis frame. I kinda like that and was thinking about building a maxi like frame trellis style. a cylinderical gas tank would be located inside the trellis where most maxis store gas.

Re: Modern Maxi Trellis Frame

Caleb Walker /

here's a rendering.

maxi trellis colored.png

Re: Modern Maxi Trellis Frame

This might sound dumb but where does the motor go lol

Re: Modern Maxi Trellis Frame

Dirty30 Dillon /

I think 2d drafting will never give you a good idea for this.

Also, if you are creating a trellis frame, run monoshock.

Re: Modern Maxi Trellis Frame

"Trellis step though frame" would be a better title.

Do some reading about frame geometry and consider your chain lines.

There's no way there would be an advantage but it might look neat.

Maybe try playing one of those bridge building games too, you'll get a better idea of the physics involved in a building a trellis structure, then take into account the forces the frame will be seeing into your design.

If anything it's fun to draw moped frames.

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