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I know the Razz is not the ideal scoot to be putting performance modifications on for transmission limiting reasons, but I got one in perfect condition with only 2,000 miles for extremely cheap so it is the platform I will be using.

My question is, can I use a yamaha jog or zuma big bore kit on it? I located some BBK's for the razz specifically on ebay but do not know how legit they are. I was thinking of going with a 70cc zuma/jog big bore and running a zuma/jog exhaust. I have already switched to cone air filter and jetted accordingly, and have bigger jets I can go to after making the swap. I'm not to thrilled on the idea of doing a motor swap even though I know that is a very popular route. Thanks in advance!

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Nick Smith /

My apologies I forgot to mention, the scoot is a 1993 Yamaha Razz SH50.

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ehh we don't really do scooters over here, just mopeds with the pedals like from the 70's.

someone might still be able to answer your question but you'll be better off going on a scooter forum.

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Razz are sick! unfortunately it was the cheapo version, the jog and zuma got the better engine - razz is single speed fixed gearing like the sprees. But it's I think essentially the same vertical minarelli as the zuma, so the topend stuff CAN work, but not easily: you can use the air cooled vertical minarelli zuma kits but you gotta have the intake reed set from the zuma also, and you gotta get creative with the exhaust cuz the flange is in way the wrong place for the razz.

Used to be that was the only way I think, now you can find some china kits on ebay but again theyre not incredible and you're still single speed gearing limited.

Re: Razz Big Bore Options

kevin Smellaflange /

does your head stand straight up?

my 2001 zumEeRrr 2 does...

i'm thinkin' of puttin' a kit on it.

these may be similar...

i pay $20 for mine, no key, back tire looks 2 be chewed on by a bear...but other than that.

show picks on the kit...thanks

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