Re: Minarelli Polini 80cc Kit Questions

i've never had any problems breaking in with 50:1 but i usually mix a little heavy for the first few tanks.

i also use premium gas for break in because its more forgiving if you have any tuning mistakes. it resists detonation until you get your settings dialed in.

my biggest thing with break in is just forcing myself to take it easy until things are dialed in... i built a bike last spring that felt like it was running good and about 20 minutes after the first start i whanged it up to like 12k rpm and broke a needle bearing roller... dumb dumb dumb..... it was a bad china bearing from the get-go but i probably would have been fine if i hadn't just jumped on it right out the gate and blued it up.

when you're still trying to dial things in just force yourself not to run it too hard and you'll have more of a chance to make sure everything is perfecto before you start beating the piss outta it.

also, the one thing i've found with break-in on V1's is that it helps a lot to gear them up, even more than you plan on finally running. Keep that load on them because its way too easy to over-rev them with stock gears.

Re: Minarelli Polini 80cc Kit Questions

Okay great, I will mix a little richer than 50:1.

All I've done so far is spray around to make sure there aren't air leaks & gone around the block. I'm hoping for no rain tomorrow so I can take it out a little longer.

I will reference the temps you stated previously Graham and see what the bike runs at. If I'm only going 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, around what temp should I be looking for? The same at WOT temp? Mid 300's to barely peaking 400?

Re: Minarelli Polini 80cc Kit Questions

A couple more things I found out but forgot to mention referring to the guy I bought it from running really hot:

The timing was advanced further than stock instead of retarded.

The gas cap had no vent hole

the two little rubber vent hoses on the PHBG were still on

The fan had about 6 blades broke off.

The transmission was jam-packed full of oil.

Just addressing this stuff alone i'm hoping I will be running low temps without having to tear into the carb much but we shall see... Too chilly of weather lately, waiting for a nice day to spend a few hours on this.

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