Swapping out my magnum exhausts

Just bought a new magnum 2 exhaust pipe and as I was pulling it apart to check out the differences I noticed the old pipe had 3 holes on each side of the inner pipe while my new one had 1 on each side but was longer. Probably nothing to worry about just checking to see if there’s anything I should know about it.


Re: Swapping out my magnum exhausts

Probably Fred /

Different HP requirements m if you cut that whole header inside part at the header junction you will basically create a expansion chamber

Re: Swapping out my magnum exhausts

Chöschi21 C.K. /

yea, just cut everything off.

Re: Swapping out my magnum exhausts

Jack Bartow /

After that inner pipe gets cut I’d just have rejet the carb? Why weren’t they built stock that way?

Re: Swapping out my magnum exhausts

Mopeds had to meet strict power and speed requirements for the markets they were sold on. Later on governments actually got on the manufacturers for making the bikes too easy to modify. You'll notice some of the later bikes had a nub in the crankcase to keep you from bolting on a kit, or a peg to keep you from installing a larger sprocket.

Re: Swapping out my magnum exhausts

I didnt cut mine all the way off, I left about 6 ish inches. Works great!

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