Tomos Standard increase speed

Mikael Lundin /

Hi All

I am about to buy a Tomos Standard moped that does 25 km/h as shipped.

I am not sure if they are blocked from higher speed by electronics or my motor/exhaust or other reason. Does anyone know?

I would like it to do like 35-45 km/h, I dont need alot of power since I only go to and from work schich is kind of flat. But I want more speed.

Thank in advance for all tips :-)


Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Change out your cylinder, piston and maybe the head with 45km/h parts. I believe the 25km/h version is only restricted by the top end, nothing else. Just waiting for some Euro pedders to give a more reliable answer.

Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

just buy the 45/km one. whats the price difference.? by specs it looks restricted by carb(smaller), compression(lower) and likely gearing, not sure about electrics. read wiki tomos entry if u wanna do 60km on a pretty stock tomos.

Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Probably Fred /

What good is a motorbike that goes 25 KMH (15mph) when you could can run or pedal a bicycle faster than that ?

Get the 45km model or change the carb, intake, exhaust and tuning to 45km specs

45km is useless as far as motorbike is concerned too for most 10-15 speed people powered bikes can go fast as that (26mph)

Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Why are there two versions, 25kph and 45kph?

Is it a license question or a taxation question?


Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Mikael Lundin /

There are reasons why I dont want the 45 km/h moped even thought they cost the same:

* It has to be registered - money

* I cant drive on bikeroads so only car-roads where they drive 60-70..I pile up traffic

* Insurance is like 20 times more expensive for 45 vs 25 for some reason

* I want to drive on bikelanes

I have a electric bike but im injured badly in my pelvis and hip so I cant ride it so this is instead of my bike until I get better. I want to go on bikelanes since it is alot shorter and no traffic.

45 moped also demands a licence, I have a motorcycle license so no problem for me though.

Im not sure where to get a reliable answer regarding where it is restriced so it does only 25 since it is probably the same moped as the 45 one in general.

Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Dirty30 Dillon /

It is a mechanical restriction via intake.carb sizing, cylinder porting, and most importantly gearing.

Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Either of these will solve your speed problems i believe. You can do it cheaper, but these include everything you'd need...other than a few carb Jets maybe.

Re: Tomos Standard increase speed

Mikael Lundin /

With gearing, do you mean the actual gearbox or the number of cogs in the back and front?

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