Gilardoni 47mm reed kit - questions

Alan Jackson /

Ive recently fitted one of these and measured the port heights and the blow down seems all wrong. do I need to raise the transfers to get this in spec? is this a common problem?

also what rpm is peak power on these kits as std? I have no tacho atm.

and what ignition timing can I run at.

i'm currently at 0.8mm whilst testing

I have a cheapo 32mm inlet jarmacol fuego pipe on a 30mm ID header which is better than the std puch exhaust but will eventually make my own to suit my specific needs

My geared moped only needs a range or 3000 rpm to go through the gears.

Re: Gilardoni 47mm reed kit - questions


what are you basing your numbers on? what are your goals for the build?

'all wrong' could mean different things to different people, if you're trying to build a wide open racing engine, the gila leaves a bit to be desired, but they have a nice broad powerband and good torque through the entire range. most folks find them picking up a lot of top end just from minor changes to exhaust and intake.

oh and yeah, you'll definitely wnat a different pipe if you are chasing performance.

Re: Gilardoni 47mm reed kit - questions

Alan Jackson /

exhaust port opens 25.5mm from tdc 93.75 ATDC dur 172.5 degrees

transfers open 34.8mm 122.15 degrees ATDC dur 115 .7 degrees

blowdown = 28.4

am I right in saying ex port tuned for 9000 rpm but transfers tuned for 7000 rpm?

ok maybe size/width/shape comes into it.

few yrs ago I messed around with porting plus a diy pipe on my rd350A and at one stage ended up revving to 11400rpm with nothing below 7. horrible to ride unless you were drag racing.

this bike I would like max power around 7000rpm with loads of mid range torque to make it easier to ride

having 4 gears helps.

ive worked out at 7k my pipes tuned length wants to be over 1 metre but not many pipes on the market seem that long.

ive been busy looking at port maps/port jobs last few days and seen some swiss cheese jobs. I would like to buy another 73 cc top end and play around with that one day.

but the goal for this one is for 30mile cruising at 45-50mph if possible.

what have people found to be a safe ignition timing setting?

Re: Gilardoni 47mm reed kit - questions

even a pretty basic setup on that kit will push a moped well into the 50 mph range. The MLM pipes are huge and blasty, but the Tomos Tecno Estoril will be plenty of pipe to break 50.

the compression and pipe will dictate the timing, i dunno what kinda bike you're putting it on, monza? MS50? good rule of thumb is 18 degrees for starters and see how she likes it, watch cylinder temp gauge if you have to and adjust accordingly.

haven't ever port mapped one of these to know what you're talking about but they make good power up to about 8-9k depending on the pipe and respond well to a little exhaust porting.

sounds like you're overthinking it.

Re: Gilardoni 47mm reed kit - questions

Alan Jackson /

just wanted to hear what other people had found re ignition timing

and at what revs the power was at and if the gila ports were any good as is.

im newish to the moped tuning scene and the bike can only hit 50mph maxing out in top gear. (taller gears in post) im running at .8mm timing so that might be holding it back for midrange power.

(puch m50 sports - like a 4 speed monza)

ive found you have to overthink if you want to make a pipe that works,

plus overthinking is my hobby.

my cylinder is angled at about 45 degrees unlike the flat maxi's so im a bit restricted for off the shelf pipes unless I wanna do some hacking/welding. I do have a 30mm od header pipe fitted so could hack and fit something to that.

ill have a look at the pipes you mention.


the tomos techno Estoril comes out on the wrong side for my bike mine prefers to the left. (edited)

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