Tomos A35 Twin Cylinder Help

I am trying to find a capstone project for my machine shop technical certificate and long story short, I want to try to take an existing 2t motor and turn it in to a twin. From research I've done, the Tomos A35 seems to tick all the boxes, cheap, cheap parts, top side fueling, etc.

Does anyone here know of someone who has does something similar? My main concerns are having to do with electrical, I am fairly certain I can do the mechanical stuff no problem, but if anyone knows of examples of someone doing it, I'd love to see what they came up with.

Re: Tomos A35 Twin Cylinder Help

Re: Tomos A35 Twin Cylinder Help

Here’s a twin Vespa


Re: Tomos A35 Twin Cylinder Help

kevin Smellaflange /

try to keep your air intake as cold as possible...

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I really like that vespa but I was going to go parallel since the tomos has top intake, bottom exhaust. I saw a video on instagram of a Peugeot 103 twin, parallel, but no info about it.

Re: Tomos A35 Twin Cylinder Help

A guy made a v8 Peugeot. The guys in turkey are all about twin engine av10

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yeah much easier to work with an engine that doesn't have a built-in transmission like motobecane, peugeot, vespa, etc.

av7 would be the easiest probably since it has the porting in the cylinder, they are also pretty cheap. you can get the cases from dos cycles for like 40 bucks and stock used cylinders on buy sell for cheap cheap

if you do build some kind of trans/engine bike, something like an E50 or a Sachs that splits horizontally, its going to be a lot easer to get the crank in and out.

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