Old School Moped Mod's

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so, has anyone here pics of old style mods for moped or other engines? I just foud a pic of a piston i did when i was 14, about 3 years ago, when we didn't have any clue about modifying 2 Strokes and obviously, at 14 we didn't have any money for part's and most of our Parent's didn't want us to illegaly mod our mopeds. but with a couple of cheap and simple tricks you could get these things from 18mph with 1.2hp to about 34mph, on a Puch i modified for a friend i modified this Piston, cut of some of the Airfilter, put on a Stock 22mm Exhaust and Rejeted, this got those little things from 18mph to 34mph, so it was a huuuuuuuuge gain in Power.


Re: Old School Moped Mod's

From what i remember from those days was drilling holes in the stock puch exhaust muffler and drilling holes in the exhaust.

That was mainly a poor mans way of doing it, over here (temporarily) restricting your modded moped is more common when trying to fool the cops.

When you get put on the dyno they don't know the difference between a scooter and a moped so they just go full throttle instantly, so a slightly larger jet will drown the engine when they do that and bam your moped only does about 40kmph.

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