A35 tt runs good but...

Finally got my beat to shit tomos running good after sorting out a tranny problem and an bad magneto. Kinda went overboard buying shit for it along the way.


Stuffed crank

A55 ignition w Parma coil

Puch Hi comp head


Mlm intake

New single peddle reeds

28x22 gears

Running smooth good acceleration, top speed 51mph. Highest head temp I’ve seen was 300 on my vapor. Still running the biturbo that was on the bike when I got it. Wanting to replace it with a homoet pipe. Could I see any improvement over the biturbo doing that maybe? Another question I have is at what level does the clutches become an issue? Am I there now I relined my 2nd, 1st was solid had a harder hybrid looking cork material not stock. Bike shifts around 21mph

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

Pipe is preference I use the estoril sidebleed. Be proactive about the clutches and check them.

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

I like the estoril but want a top end pipe heard the homoet was decent quality. Hope anything will be a touch better than the biturbo. I have a couple hundred miles on the bike since I slapped it together gonna check the shoes @300 miles. Anyone know if treats is going to bring back the jammers? I got a clanking at idle I guess it’s clutch rattling

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

i like the biturbo as well, cut a few inches off your exhaust header. youll find a bit that extends into the exhaust, pull that out too.


i think i cut off a bit too much off this one anyways revved really nice.

but uhhh, id really look into those clutch noises, if u got dough order clutches off dos. or broke, relign w napa cork n gorilla glue. yeah, red springs time.

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

if you use the asbestos 'friction material' from mcmaster carr they are not an issue until you physically explode them

leather pretty good too

i cant imagine why anyone would take the time to put the shitty cork right back on.

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

I relined with some napa cork on my 2nd cause it was local and needed to get my bike rolling. Super easy but without knowing any better definitely want to try something more robust. Graham would you have the link to that McMaster Carr material not sure which version works the best, thanks.

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

ha i guess that is a good reason!

mcmaster #6175K811 - i have tried a couple different varieties and this is the easiest to work with and seems to hold up pretty good.

1 foot not quite enough for a pair of clutches, you need 2 feet with a little extra in case you mess up.

then you gotta grind it down to size on a belt sander or lathe (preferred) the better round you get it, the better the clutch will work and the longer it will last. If there are high spots or low spots it will vibrate and slip

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

Ok thanks graham. I’m gonna get some. Any idea around how many miles your getting out of that material?

Re: A35 tt runs good but...

it depends on how much power your bike is making i guess, but i haven't worn them out yet. The original bike i did them on has probably 10 hours total on it, i built it for sprint racing and it launched <100 times total maybe before i got sick of everything else breaking. It was built to launch and 1-2 shifted at about 10,000 rpm, so pretty brutal.

I put a set in a bike for a customer and never heard back, and the third set i made is in a bike that still isn't finished.

So yeah, i don't have a ton of data on them but the few i have setup have run well and noticeably better shifting performance. Lots more people like the leather too, so thats always an option, i dunno what one is better, never run them back to back. Found something i like and i'm sticking with it.

Also, i use a 3M epoxy called '420' to stick it on, all the standard prep and procedure for epoxy. I used JB weld on ZA 50 clutches and the material came off while i was grinding them, some people have had success, i have not.

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