Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

so the cafe thrasher Rd ped killer is now coming on with little effort.. making a plan to not restore and go with a bit of rust and dirt.. and just go for power and good brakes and good looking tires ? may not be great in the wet ... but i’m not in vietnam riding to work in the rainy season:)

I’m a senior ped head only going out on sunny days on the back roads of montverde astatula ferndale and other local points where there’s water and a bar they will do


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)


treats are funny guys ... see how they shipped my tires and pipe :) funny guys very funny .. where the wife tells me .. hay you got some shit in to day ...

She’s thinking valatines day surprise:)

yer moped tires and a pipe :) hahaha funny


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Ok pipe chopped and the stock RD swing arm bracket in place all dummied up ready to weld ??? i don’t have a welding kit .. so got to wait till be buddy swings by with his on board welding gear and zips this all up ..he works for jerky and beer .. lucky for me i sell jerky :) and i always have beer on hand.

So me old 2 speed gobblers .. the 5 speed RD moves forward.


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Bad ASS .. bike right ..not ya out west bike ..

more your Ace cafe racer but with a little motor .. I used to drive trains in The UK in the 80s started on the rail way in the 70s and would ride right by the old Ace cafe .. it was closed all them years i rode by .. but lots of the old 50 to 60 year olds told me first hand tails of 100 mph round the old north circula road .. in the late 50s early 60s hanging at the ace for tea and biscuits.

It’s open now and there’s one in orlando.. just up the road .. been there .. :) it’s a bit of a hang out for holiday makers and odd balls .. who think there bikes and cars are all that and a bag of chips ..

HAY who’s RD is this ???? looks good


like cookies man :)

TON up boys

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)


so is there no other RD60 Guys ? i’m talking to my self??

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

oh shit RUM


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Dirty30 Dillon /

Where's the Shifty50, I only see Shifty60.

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

☠️💀Kim Jong illest💀☠️ /

i enjoy the pics in this thread immensely but for the life of me i cannot decipher your pirate dialect.

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

I have an RS-100.. we didn't get the RD60s up here in Canada so I built this up instead


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

I am in the process of putting a Garelli 5 speed in my VIP. Runs right now, but I need to work out the shifter, pegs, and brake pedal. I bought it without a top end, so not sure what model it came from .Kick start and shifter on left side.

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

well that’s very cool .. lot of front end for a tilla ... but i’m impressed...have you got it out and run it ...

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)


I’m from the UK but have lived in the south of USA .. MS. LA. TN. and FL .. so i don’t sound english,, more Australia... but with a good mix of east london and deep south USA mixed in .

So think of the geico lizard with a Afro after his been living on the back streets of new orleans , 5 years .. Standing on canal street selling tickets to a strip club full of them fatties that seem to work them joints ...

deep down there .

Don’t you guys speak french up most parts of canada ..


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Yep. It rides really quite nice. I may get slightly softer springs for the front but it's marginally heavier than the old steel everything forks and rims and I can run modern 17" rubber.

The motor is quite hopped up. KTM 125 rod with a KX100 Piston, bored .5 over. Port map baseline is the same as MX100 of that year (Factory 16hp) Then I tweaked it further. Big Reeds and a KX100 28mm Keihin with a pipe I designed specifically for that motor.

My motor and your motor share quite a few similarities. You can do all sorts of stock looking big bore and weird engine combinations with all the engines of that era. It depends if you have the long lower mount or the short one but if you can jam 125cc cases in the frame and then you can put up to a 175 cylinder on there and make a ripper.

You can see it move for the first time ever on it's own in 20 years in this video. Unfortunately the clutch was slipping because I had the lower adjuster too tight at the time.

> Ted Kenny Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> well that’s very cool .. lot of front end for a tilla ... but i’m

> impressed...have you got it out and run it ...

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

That very good ,, i like extreme bike mods i put a yam RD 350 motor in a Yam FS1E 49cc

all in 199 pounds with 55hp :) nuts i will see if i can pull up a pic

six speed it hits 100 mph in 4th not even at red line ... never took it over that ..

New seat and shocks on the RD60


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

joel your frame could fit a lot more motor in there .....

that RD 60 would be good with a old Dt 125 or 175

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

i did this FS1 frame with a YG1 bottom end with a79 yz 80 top end and 30mm carb and RD400 reed it was 85mph bike


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Joel, love the rs100. Been following it for years it seems! Come to Seattle and ride with us sometime!!!

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

The guy i sold it to had it sold few months back


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

45 miles per tank was a problem:)

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

so with this C.19 or what ever it is . every one should be ped building?

Well done like nothing much on the RD .

new levers .and that’s it Really pushing the FS1 project right now.

The Rd needs the seat bolting down and the tank flushed out again.. and it’s a runner :)


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Eric Nygard /

Just picked one up

1973 rd60

Cleaning rust out of tank today and will see about the next step when I get a min. Just ordered a 20mm ebay carb.

Bored via quarantine and considering seeing how light I can make this thing.

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

oh great one other RD60 .. 😲 you got some pics .. what state u in

gots some new clocks my ones are sun burnt


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

god i love this bike. need to pull mine out for spring.

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

I am so jealous.

I would trade my RS100 for a rough one in a heartbeat. I am so sad we never got them up here.

Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

So i’m going for the Theasher look .. it’s cheaper that a restor job and more fun .. sand down the paint bung stickers on and clear coat ...

put fuel in it today and trashed it up and down the private road .. no tag or paper work DMV still shut cod of C19 .. have to go in to sort this out of state purchases.

Any way the speedo and tax are off cos i got better looking ones .. Dam this is a quick bike .. this kit i got withr he 22mm carb and pipe is wild full throttle going in to second the front wheel comes up :)


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

got to mount the seat and hook the tail light up and get a new head light ..

And tune that carb it’s a bit of a bitch to do just a little turn on the air screw in or out stalls the motor ..

will work the bugs out OH need RPM and speedo cables to ..

nicked the speedo one for me new rebuild .. FS1E

look up my other threads for that :)


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

yes it’s 99% done hit 60mph on it .. more than happy.

So that’s why i’m back working on this RD

after it’s done .. i’m done no more peds for a long time :)

need a brake .. by the lake ..


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

Well speedo on and a road test ... it’s really fast hits 55mph fast really fast the gear box is very close like a dirt bike .. it’s got a 13 front and 42 rear sprockets .

if i put a 15 front sprocket in it’s a 70mph bike ...

I read about a guy using this big bore kit running 80mph on the tank with a copit faring on it over in the UK ..

this is a fun bike ... i have had lots of Fizzys and this bike is more fun


Re: Yamaha RD60 Megathread (Shifty50 content)

That is just perfect.

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