Re: Fastest FA50 REBOOT

That funny !

Re: Fastest FA50 REBOOT

> Neal Summerln Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> This post is f*cked....., good going guys

You mean *thread*.

Ya was pretty much fucked as soon as o.p. opened mouth and inserted foot. Haha

Re: Fastest FA50 REBOOT

Almost forgot about this shitshow



Re: Fastest FA50 REBOOT


Re: Fastest FA50 REBOOT

Don't ever make fun of sax man

It will be your doom

Re: Fastest FA50 REBOOT

Sorry for the bump. Just registered to add some info to the topic. There were a couple of dozen of real fast FAs, but not many saw the light at the end or ended up surfacing the internet. The fastest FA50 s were built here in Argentina decades ago. But some pretty good builder in NA built a completely custom FA50 named FA50V which was hella fast too!

fa violentisima by ‎Ivan Panozzo‎.jpg
suzuki gamm fa.jpg
gamm_fa cordoba 70cc 95 kmh lima pura escape dm 2mm tapa rebajada.jpg
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