Re: Tjt treatland steel hobbit rumpus plate

Yea I'm done with it. Tired of chasing the dragon with these clutches. The clutch I got it with, spring perch broke. Got an oem one from treats, the shoe circlips sucked off and shot the shoes thru the bottom of the case. Tried a scooter clutch bolted to derbi hub with lathed out bell and that performed like shit (jbot called it) then the shoes cracked in half. Scooped a used one from dos, cracked a shoe and then the friction material came off the other ones. Robbed one off a parts bike and welded on a brace from a flatreed, that one fucking exploded and shot a buncha shrapnel into my leg and smoked my cases.


Scooped a start v and looking forward to new adventures making that work.

Re: Tjt treatland steel hobbit rumpus plate

I just put hobbit clutch shoes on my derbi plate and it's been kicking ass so far. Just as an FYI for anyone with issues

Re: Tjt treatland steel hobbit rumpus plate

I never did try the hobbit shoes. What springs are you running/how high you revving? I dunno if I wanna epoxy it up & try again so it probably doesn't matter but that would be the next thing to try

This was my first derbi. A buddy with a buncha experience with them thought my blowing thru clutches was related to tuning the bike for the pipe. Like it's one of those rgd doppler clones with the ball joint and a bit of header cut off to get the flange at a good angle and the pipe sitting right, so relatively short. Towards the end I was variating around 10.5-11k and would usually see 13+ on the straights. Max rpm on the tto was like 14.4 but that was probably a fluke. The thought was that going milder on the pipe and rpms as a result would be less stress but that sounded lame so I ignored that thought

Anyways, off topic

Re: Tjt treatland steel hobbit rumpus plate

Yeah I'm not revving crazy so I can't speak to that. It's a torquey setup. Hits around 5-6k, idk what springs

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