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hey friends, i’m helping a buddy get a his moby running, he’s got this pipe and the carb is a 15mm dellorto, with a ported stock cylinder. the bike runs and starts fine, but it seems like it’s not getting full power. at its top speed, it goes around 20mph. at first i thought the carb wasnt opening all the way, or it was bad gas, but that’s all fine. we’ve been through a series of jets, and 59 is what felt the most right as far as performance. i was curious if the carb is too big for his setup? or if there’s anything else that could be preventing t from going faster?

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You needed to New variator you need to get the four ball guide and only ran 2 balls.

Or if you have the 3 bar model you can run the ceramic bowls there a little smaller but that's most to your problem it's shifting before you get into the power.

Good luck and make sure your timing is set at 1.2 millimetre.

You need to update that thingsshould be in the range of 66 to 71 on the jet (edited)

Re: tuning stock motobecabe

20 is slow for sure, if compressions good and u got points, it might be the condenser, check grounds and run a external one to test

Re: tuning stock motobecabe

classic carl jepsen /

The biggest thing I've heard with motobecane is the parts. Is it ok for me to sell Chinese made Motobecane parts on Ebay as long as I hold my thumb over the word "copy" when I take the picture ? Not into arguing but I see the difference as being pretty simple. Motobecane was a huge corporation. They couldn't change a roll of toilet paper in the mens room without having meetings about it, consulting their lawyers, etc. Pointing out a deceptive picture to a smalltime Ebay seller and then having him leave it anyway is a bit different.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

WTF are you talking about?

Re: tuning stock motobecabe

The French don't use a toilet paper.

They use a bidet / douchette.

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