peugeot lepartie cdi questions

I was curious as to if this was a timing mark? Thanks


Re: peugeot lepartie cdi questions

Yes, that is the timing mark. I usually time to 1.5mm btdc for stock, and 1.2 or so for kitted.

Make sure to loctite those screws

Re: peugeot lepartie cdi questions

Awesome, I used some blue on those bolts. I think I have the timing right on the money then. The wooddruf key on the crank lines right up to that mark after using the micrometer. Thanks!

Re: peugeot lepartie cdi questions

Thanks for all the help from everybody regarding this motor and cdi. I have the the bike running now and she is torquey, quick and nimble. Although I may have a leak still, hopefully just around the intake and carb. Haven't checked yet. Anyways I have no lights. The horn works which I have wired in with the lights. I have a ground on it, should I ground the lights more I'm unsure if they had one from the factory? Thanks again!

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