e50 newport

My Newport has an Airsal 70cc kit, 15mm Bing carb, pod filter, BiTurbo pipe, 3 shoe treats clutch with blue springs. I am having a hell of a time getting any accretion out of it. compression is still good. clutch springs are 1 turn in from flush. please help! I live in a hilly town and need to be able to climb

Re: e50 newport

Probably Fred /

Pitch pod filter get the large (13$) metal mesh filter and re jet carb (about 78jet with 217 atomizer w single ring needle on 1st-2nd clip setting) pitch junk aftermarket clutch and get original two or three shoe clutch,

Run thick kickstart springs 2-3 turns in,

Service magneto, Cleaning and lubing the cam on the flywheel, set points to 17thou, set timing 14 to 17° BTDC whatever runs cool around 375°F on your head temp gauge on full throttle runs,

Of course you can’t have any air leaks, seal leaks or fuel problems to begin with.

Re: e50 newport

Kevin Henderson /

When you say 2 to 3 turns on the clutch, do you mean from the start of the set screw, or in from flush? I have them about 1/2 turn in from flush and am just about there, but was going to bring them out another half and see what it does

Re: e50 newport

It's probably more related to jetting, timing or point gap. Back when i kitted my first puch, i was so disappointed that it was slower off the line. Took off the flywheel cover and saw the points were barely even opening. Set the proper gap and moved stator to full advance and it was a like a whole new bike.

You can adjust that clutch all you want but it really wont make a difference if the engine isn't tuned.

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