81 Puch Newport za50 kitted timing?

Hello all,

I was searching around and I could not get a concise answer. I have 70cc treatland treat kit version one with the hi comp head installed on my ZA50. Here’s the link to be more specific:


She fired right up but after adjusting the idle after warm up, she started to kind of hiss. I knew it was a compression issue and she died. Two of the head bolts loosened up. When I retightened the head down to specs..... The problem continued until I realized that the aluminum head gasket is pretty much a one shot deal. I have read that you can reuse them by blow torching them or something but I didn’t bother since I had a new spare. This time I coated it in that copper spray stuff and no more compression issues.

So the question I have now is timing. What is the best method to set it/check it? How many degrees? What should my points gap be? Retarded/advanced? Forgive my noobness on it but I don’t have much experience with timing on small engines.


Re: 81 Puch Newport za50 kitted timing?

Re: 81 Puch Newport za50 kitted timing?

Probably Fred /

Run a head temp gauge too for the higher timing the higher temps.

Start at 14° BTDC with a timing light @ 3,500 rpm and you can add timing if you run cool,

You want around 370-380° Max continual temperatures @ full throttle when fully broken in.

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