Any more parts?

I have my kit for My 1996 tomos targa A35 ordering clutches next week getting the jammer and the cork one. Do I need to replace the crankshaft, bearings and seals want to make sure I have everything before I take it apart and do I need to mess with timing? Plz help

Re: Any more parts?

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Replacing seals would be a good idea, but not necessarily the crankshaft.

Try and wiggle the ends of the crankshaft, if it dont budge and the bearings are smooth then the bottom end crank bearings are good.

Then, test for play in the connecting rod. With the cyllinder off, pull up and down on the connecting rod, and also the piston on the end. If they have any slop up and down, its toast. A little side to side play on the connecting rod is okay.

Replacing the left side seal behind the flywheel will require you to remove the flywheel and stator plate, which will likely need an adjustment after you put them back. Be careful not to loose the flywheel key (should be a small pin in this case, usually doesnt fall out, but still be careful)

Re: Any more parts?

Jeremy cole /

Will do thnks

Re: Any more parts?

I think for tomos it's worth getting the full gasket set. but you can cut one, it's just a major buttpain. you need an exhaust gasket anyway and maybe a head gasket, plus the clutch and case gaskets suck to cut so IMO it's worth the gasket set.

timing- if you don't have a timing light you can rent/borrow em usually free (w/ deposit) from a auto store.

bearings, seals, clutch, gaskets and trans fluid. and tools: flywheel puller, snapring pliers, some sorta piston stop or strap wrench or whatev. maybe impact driver and if youre real classy a torque wrench.

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