Re: Puch AJH/Athena 45mm reed kit and its clones

> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> yeah i mean, the real winners for reliability IMO are the Gila and

> Polini in the reed world. Treat kits or tomos a35 parmakits can be made

> to rip hard AF but you gotta put some work into those porting wise.


> its kind of the old adage- cheap, reliable or powerful, you get 2/3


> cheap/reliable- keep your kstar or a treats reed


> cheap/powerful- ported treats reed


> powerful/reliable - big boy gila or polini build

I’ve put 500 miles on a Athena ajh 45mm and what has gone first is the o-ring head from treats makes awesome power really, Raised 2.5mm decked to 0.9mm squish

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