Piston Port Derbi tuning help please

Tate G /

I did not do the build on this bike, and it has been sitting for a couple of years. It went from Indiania to Seattle to Orlando and now I am trying to get it roadworthy. Derbi Variant TT, It has a Metra 65cc piston port kit, what I think is a Zen pipe, and a 19 Dellorto PHBG. Carb started with a 260 atomizer, W9 needle, 45 pilot, and 86 main jet. It starts and idles fine, but really doesn't like anything but WOT. Even then, it seems low on power and doesn't fully variate. It does variate fully on the stand, just not going down the road. I have gone one up and one down on the main and the 86 does seem correct. I dropped the pilot from 45 to 40 and it still seems to be 4 stroking at part throttle. I get what feels like a bog from takeoff, but once I get up to speed and back off to part throttle it 4 strokes, so my guess is the pilot is still too rich. I don't have anything smaller than a 40, yet, and just wanted to see if this seems normal and I am heading in the right direction. I tried to search, but not a lot of piston port Derbi info, much less with a PHBG. My only comparisons are to piston port Puchs with PHBG carbs, and most seem to run pilot jets in the 40's. Does this seem normal?

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