Re: MB5 VM20 Tuning Woes

Toledo Riot /

I've helped others with those import cylinders and I was less then impressed with their quality as well, so switching cylinders is a good plan.

Next what pipe are you running? Pretty much every performance pipe for the MB5 I have ever ran has a very narrow power band that needs to be adhered to when switching gears, so it may feel like a lack of power but really the pipe is just designed to have that narrow power band to to be taken advantage of with gears, thats why I prefer the stock pipe on any MB5 set up, but thats just me

With a vm20 and a kit you should be around the jet size you are ordering, I think Im at a 185 with a kit/stock head/proma, stock gearing I do about 55 with great torque, provided I switch gears and stay in the power band

As for idle, you are probably fine with that 20, I'd swap kits and try again, seems like you are on the right path

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