Puch pinto life contemplation

Christian Horton /

This moped has made me think about my life and the balance of good and evil. I have a e50 new spark plug, 2hp, high flow filter, 12 bing, 68 jet, and a treats party exhaust. I run ok at 25 but it takes long to get there...a long time. When i bring the needle to the lowest notch i get sucky starts in the morning- like 7 kicks but improved acceleration after the engine is hot. Here it's 55 in the morning and the engine doesn't get hot till about 1.5 miles. It runs only 10 mph during that 1.5 miles. When i bring the needle up one it starts first time or second and like i said earlier, takes a while to get to 25. I also have to use the throttle grip like a joy stick and gradually bring it to open slowly or it just bogs and keeps running slow. After like 6 mins it gets slightly faster acceleration and gets to 25. (when the engine is warmer). I took the filter off completely (still at the second notch) and it gave me great accerlation but didnt want to start until about 8 kicks-- after i let it cool down from getting hot (too lean). So am i lean or rich and why? Is there something else im missing here? and what is your recommendation? Im questioning my life at this point. Please help

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