Re: NU50: Modification of the Rear Pully

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This Thread deserves to be trolled.

Why didn't you just get a cheap GY6 contra asembly from treats and install the Red Springs.

That's stage 6 clutch assembly set you back more money.

And your stuck with the straight slotted Factory contra sembly.

You need those slots to be at an angle so that the torque will make it downshift when you go up a hill or get back on the throttle after slowing.

Plus it gives the BX belt more range to travel up and down the cheeks

So yeah I'm calling you a doofus hey doofus want to race.

I know of one that'll do 50 plus and it has the stock gears in the rear box.

Put a yellow Contra spring in there.

A set of 3.2 Gr rollers.

And stick a 1 1/2 mm washer behind the sleeve on the front of the variator to widen the front cheeks to drop the belt down nice and low.

Flip that BX belt inside out and grind the fucking teeth off of it till just the radius is left.

And Wham-O it rips 50 an hauls ass off the line if you have the rest of your shit ported an set up golden.

But you're way behind the rest of us on that game.

And if you're really know your shit you taken do a partial notching on just three of the slots so the roller will fit into it by a couple millimeter s.

Then run heavier weights in those 3.

With 2.2gr in the remaining 3 slots.

That way it won't shift out till that last little bit when you're at the top of the pipe.

And it will definitely push you over 53 even with a little sha on there.

But you don't listen to anybody so ignore everything I posted above and do whatever the fuck you're going to do so we can laugh are fucking ass off and troll you.

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