Re: Sachs 505a and the athena 80cc reed kit?

Toledo Riot /

Uhhhggg I already told him what to do, the 80cc reed kit is only good to use on the 504 or 505 A, ya the timing isnt dead on perfect, but this is a moped we are talking about, people run tomo's with biturbos and a stock jet, "fuck it run it"

Why do I say that you should only run these on the worse motors? Because they are god damn monsters, all they did was take a D cylinder bore that fucker out, make the transfers huge, oh and fuck it toss some reeds on there

They arent designed well like say the Airsal, they are dumping all that power straight on the clutch, and I love me some Sachs, but man that clutch cant handle these things, soooo you put it on the shorter stroked motor, lower the compression a bit and bam your clutches now wont explode on every ride. I mean you are gonna gloss them over pretty often, but not like on a D where you are gonna blow seals and fuck your clutches instantly

Im running one on a 504 with a Simo, carbon fiber reeds, and a 21PHBG, it rips, it also vibrates, vibrates like a mother fucker, it also does 50 on stock gearing, soooo play at our own risk

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