Custom Intake for MetraKit

Looking for someone to make me a custom intake for a Puch Metrakit 75cc to a Mikuni TM24. This needs to fit a Magnum. I know the Motomatic guys used to make them but not sure if they are still around. PM me if you can or know where I can get one. Thanks.

Re: Custom Intake for MetraKit

pretty sure you can't actually flow a 24mm carb on that kit. the largest you can open the intake port is 21mm I do believe. someone correct me if i'm wrong. now, this doesn't mean you can't put a tm24 on there though.

Re: Custom Intake for MetraKit

I'd say yeah. The intake studs are too close together and the intake port is 21mm. You can on the other hand make the intake oval and then port match it.... lots of trouble when you can just put a 21 on though. Trust me. 21 is enough. I had mine in the 60s untouched

Re: Custom Intake for MetraKit

Moped Luau /

I have a 21mm delorto on now. Just feels undercarburated. The studs is the main problem. I wanna just try if someone can build on for me. I just don’t have time to do it myself.

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