Suzuki FA50 expansion chamber

I’m new to modding mopeds and was wondering if this

Would fit onto the header because my current stock one is rusted out. I know with two stroke engines like these sometimes the headers can effect the gasses and mixing and all that weird stuff just making sure that it would be safe to put on as long as I upjet an all that good stuff.

Also side note, does anyone know any good front forks that make it easier to switch handlebars for a fa50?

Re: Suzuki FA50 expansion chamber

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

If your header is rusted out it might make more sense to get an entire exhaust tailor made to your bike like this one:

But as you see it can be expensive.

If your header is okay i would say go for that $35 chamber and weld it up. Depending on the diameter of your header it may restrict performance, but any chamber is better than none. You'll probably want a muffler, which you can make from a soda can and some sort of insulator!

Re: Suzuki FA50 expansion chamber

Dirty30 Dillon /

That should fit with some welding.

Keep the header as long as possible. And I've seen Maxi forks on an FA50 but it was probably more work than it was worth.

Stock FA50's are tiny miracles in Moped science.

Re: Suzuki FA50 expansion chamber

Gregg Smith /

That’s how I feel! I got mine for 150, it wasn’t running because the guy didn’t know it had an oil pump and was pre mixing with oil in the tank too and it was super clogged ang dirty but I’ve got it back to normal, I just need a new exhaust and a blinker, I was wondering abou the forks more for style then actual functionality I wanna make it a little meaner looking they’re so goofy haha

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