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I've recently bought a Camino, but it's very slow! I'd like to hear if you have any suggestions to make it a little faster without using af fortune.. I've upgraded the rollers to 3x15 grams.

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Exhaust, jet, notch the front pulley (found in the wiki).

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Déjà vu all over again. But seriously, the answer to the basic-performance-hike question is going to be the same for most Honda's; Aftermarket exhaust + some form of transmission/variator modification. And there's always the kit option...

Word of caution - READ ALL YOU CAN ABOUT NOTCHING before jumping in. If you're sloppy, you're rollers may be brutally murdered over time (cheap fix - and not the end of the world, but best to do it right).

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Ungapped rings to bind them all /

^^^ Yup. OEM, heavy steel rollers at higher RPMs stretch and deform the edges of the ramp plate, creating divots and "teeth" that bite and tear up the rollers. They also variate too quickly, causing you to bog down and crawl along like an embarrassed, helpless slug.

Look up the window notch method by Graham Motzing and the lighter, (8gm?) non-ferrous, white replacement rollers from Moped Factory. Use the over-sized brown version if you already over-notched ur variator.

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hah, I did the over notch once. lost a roller. so dumb. was a camino 6'er too so they're smaller rollers.


everything you really need to know is summed up in a little thing called peter's buddy hobbit.

google that and it should put you where you need to be for a quick reliable easy and cheap hobbit build. Its a nice dead simple layout. I definitely advise getting in and porting too. even if you just raise the exhaust 2mm. theres lots more you can do. but this is the keep it simple solid hobbit build.

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