A55 Flywheel Lightening

Just curious if anyone has lightened the flywheel on an A55 by removing the electric start gear? It's riveted on so it looks pretty straightforward. I know the older ones don't have the gear so I'm pretty sure it won't be too light but if anyone has experience your insight would be much appreciated.

Re: A55 Flywheel Lightening

I haven't but I don't see why not. Drill the rivits and report back. I know there are some sprints that didn't have the gears from the factory

Re: A55 Flywheel Lightening

I looked at it closer and the flywheel appears to be 4 pieces; the drum, the gear the rivet plate and the spindle. I thought the rivets just held the gear on but it seems they also hold the drum to the spindle. It would have to be riveted or welded back together.

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