completly OT... . .MB80 mods

i have a 1982 mb80.

i have the Athena 114cc kit in a box.

i have a VM22 carb.

Here is my question.

has anyone ever put the athena on an MB80.

if yes.

do you have an approx. jet size.

Also has the JAMMY pipe.with complete sweet header wrap.

im just looking for a safe 4 stroking jet to start with.

ill be test driving stock tommorrow.....the 80.

bike is complete with racks and slim line blinkers.

pics tommorrow.

In CT we get away with moped murder. no one will know its a 80 or 114, i always say my bikes are 47cc, but cops dont hassle at all.

i also have SABATs old mb5 with a sweet reed block, intake and carb and sabats custom pipe.

IT flies. i gave it to my buddy who helps me eveyday, since i got the mb80.

i hope someone has an idea of 22mm mikuni and jammy pipe...

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

Where did you get an mb80??

You might have more luck on the mb5 owners FB page, as there are some overseas guys on there that I think have MB8's

Post up some pics!

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

I got it from LEG in Albany NY.

was scott birdseys from the mohawk mammoths.

i forgot about the mb5 faceblook

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

22 is a little small for that kit.

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

But small can be cool too

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

Dirty30 Dillon /

Yeah, a 22 won't be devastatingly small. Good mileage and you'll have great off-idle pull

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

when it snows ill get it 114

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods


Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

jay... i have a 114cc athena for my mb80 and the stroke it has.

anyone know what the stock slow jey here

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

Holy moly 114!!! That's rad Johnny. Pics bro!

You back at the shred shed or what?

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

later today..jay

was the reason i hunted down one of the few mb80 in the northeast, to make 114cc.

i wanna swap it but no info on where to start rich.i wanna do it now.

it had 22vm from what i that was stock

Re: completly OT... . .MB80 mods

so here is my question, also being put up on MB5 owners ...facebook group

i have a jammy pipe.

i want to put 114cc athena on.

need rich estimate on main.

need slow/idle jet

that's all.

then i can scare the shit out of myself

here jAY....

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