Re: Parma vs metra vs dr kit for a honda hobbit?

> Anthony B Wrote:

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> Why the Athena? What tops speeds can be on a hobbit? I heard they would

> max at 50mph but I seen that video of guys doing 59mph I really dont

> know it's full potential.

With the correct combination of tuning and parts, 59mph is child's play. The Athena is easily capable of low to mid 60s and above. The Metra will have a bit more top end pull but the amount of extra power needed becomes exponentially higher as top speed climbs. Either of them will have to power to make the front end light and leave traffic effortlessly in the mid/cruise range. Supporting parts will influence their power delivery though. The wrong pipe for instance can change the power curve and help or hurt your goals depending on where you want your delivery to start and end.

Something that hasn't really been touched on and I feel is actually more important than which kit you choose, is drive train tuning. The most powerful setups around would be left for dead until they eventually got to speed 2 miles down the road if they did not have proper weight and spring, belt and pulley, and clutch tuning.

Re: Parma vs metra vs dr kit for a honda hobbit?

#CrazyWane rocks # Crazy Wayne /

Modified Euro contra with low profile bx40 belt.


Custom Contra spring retainer and spring.


I couldn't agree more Ryan.

One can buy a lot of go-fast parts.

But you need a full understanding of how all the parts work with each other.

The tjt for instance can be incredible with just some light modification and proper tuning.

The stock rear contra assembly on the hobbit needs stiffer Springs red or yellow. The u.s. Contra assembly needs too be modified to get the most out of the JTJ.

Just modifying it to give 2 or 3mm more range of movement of the shivs/cheeks.

Allows you to take advantage of the modified JTJ.

If you don't you will have to run your belt loose.

Or lose power by having the belt getting extremely tight at high RPMs.

The European contra assembly is a better platform with its slot and pin guide system.

It is a bit tricky to find stiffer springs for it.

But it's pulley cheek travel is better.

It can be modified to get another millimeter and a half out of it with just some grinding.

The angle of the pin guide assembly gives it awesome downshifting by just rolling onto the throttle.

Even at 40 miles an hour it will downshift into Peak Power Band.

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