Qt-50 build..need help

Hello, I want to build a qt-50..and make it fly..I.found a malossi 70 cc kit..what are my best options as far as pipe, jets, reeds,, carb, intake, .....Thank you!!!!

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Gemco used to make a good pipe, Boyesen reedblock a plus too, but before you go crazy going fast, redo both brakes, it is just as important to be able to stop.....

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

brakes are important yes, but Stephen offers nothing beyond that.

Use the search function and you'll find a plethora of info on building a fast qt50. The malossi 70cc is a great cast iron kit, I highly recommend it. Do some reading on tuning and kitting your qt50 and then come back with questions. Lets get ya blasting!!!!

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Jack Rutherford /

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Benjamin LaPlante /

I built this back in the day. 70cc malossi, puch hi comp head. (you gotta space it properly) Vm18 carb. PW50 gears. MLM peoples pipe. I was running >50mph.

These days I think they make a head made for that cylinder. I'd also go with a phbg.

Problem with qt50's is that most stators are problematic. I couldn't find a working one.


Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Lol. Good bolt on build ... and, You're silly.

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Jack Rutherford /

Stator - I've had luck swapping pw50 charge coil on to qt50 stator. made starting much easier.

qt50 upgrade progression IMO,

Preliminary - replace crankshaft bearing seals, get brakes in good working order, get temp gauge

1. upgrade carb - I like VM18 (MLM intake required and 28mm air filter) - tune carb to run with otherwise stock bike;

2. MLM exhaust - tune carb to run with new exhaust (bigger main jet will be needed);

3. Add your new top end - tune carb to run with new top end (bigger main jet again);

4. Perform proper break in for rings/cylinder

Other upgrades:

1. Add PW50 rear gear;

2. bigger tires;

3. etc,

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Jack pretty much nailed the bolt on upgrades.

Re: Qt-50 build..need help

Jack Rutherford /

I know the Puch cylinder heads have the same bolt pattern as the qt50 head. Do any of those Puch kits work with the qt50 with or without modification?

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