Doppler Spring Death Wobble

On deceleration, I get a horrible wobble. I think it's the amount of tension on my Doppler spring. Here's my setup:

Er3 variator with two heavy and two medium weights.

Doppler red spring

Polini cases

Polini 70 W liquid cooled kit

Malossi swing arm

Doppler clutch pulley with Tomahawk braces

I have let a ton of tension off the spring because I have been told they are strong. I have also read on the wiki that lack of tension will cause the variator to bounce. I have screwed with the tension up and down and it still wobbles.

Any ideas? I don't have much room to "loosen" any more.

Thanks. (edited)

Re: Doppler Spring Death Wobble

It's called bounce, and it's from the spring being too loose.

Tighten it up, or run a launch lever and plant your foot on it to stop the bounce

Re: Doppler Spring Death Wobble

Or also rig a damper to smooth the bounce like a shock absorber.

Re: Doppler Spring Death Wobble

its over run from your clutch pulley. kinda terrifying on the track, slotting and balancing the shoes seems to help. the doppler spring shouldn't be too stiff for most set-ups, i've run into the issue where it takes heavier weights to get it to max var, but with a lunch lever this is no issue and is actually very cool to have a mellow tune on the variator.

Re: Doppler Spring Death Wobble

Marcus Pimentel /

how'd you mount up the spring to the malossi swing arm? Pics?

Re: Doppler Spring Death Wobble

yeah pics

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