is this a good setup?

so need more POWA on my moped. have a tomos targa a35 the set up so far i have willl be

tomos A35 alukit 70cc kit for the people - 44mm version

15mm Dellorto 15.15 carb (just because i already own it and personally think its a good carb)

20lb clutch spring for second gear

Exhaust undecided

i currently am running a bi turbo on my tomos. The pipes I'm looking at is the gigator, tomos a55 side bleed estoril, tecnigas next pipe.

feel free to put your input in. goal is 58 mph running a 27x22 sprocket setup

Re: is this a good setup?

Looks good, but that 15.15 is gonna be the choke point.

Re: is this a good setup?

Dano Staz /

should i upgrade to the vm18?

Re: is this a good setup?

If you have the carb get it together and running, then worry about the intake.

Re: is this a good setup?

Dano Staz /

i have the carb for the dellorto should have mentioned that. my mistake.

Re: is this a good setup?

You did, run the 15.15 until you know the other stuff actually works.

Re: is this a good setup?

Probably Fred /

44mm kit with 15 mm carb single reed around 50mph

You want 45mm kit with 4 pedal reeds and around 19-21mm carb to get steady usable every day 55-58 mph speed given a ok power pipe.

Hi rpm type pipe will eat clutches try for more mid/all around power pipe.

Yeah you could have a gigantic chamber high rpm set up but what good is it if you run hot, burn up clutches and another stuff in a day or two

Re: is this a good setup?

Given this guys history with bikes and understanding of concepts, one thing at a time is best. Nobody wants a beast of a build with $200 dollars of intake on it that won't start or run right. A bike that runs is a hell of a lot faster than a bike that could potentially do 55 "if it weren't for the way it cuts out/bogs/won't idle/revs up/ dies after 5 min" etc etc etc..

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