What air filter should I use?

I'm placing an order on treats today for a few items one of which being an air filter. I'm using a PHBG 19 and have it almost completely dialed in but I am not currently running a filter. I did have a Malossi E8 filter on it before but broke down in a park and took it off while trying to get it restarted. I ended up losing it somewhere along the way when I went back with a van to retrieve my bike (turned out the wire from my ignition coil to CDI box had gotten severed by my flywheel so there was no fixing it until I could get to a soldering iron).

I thought the E8 seemed pretty good but I wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions. I know a lot of the performance filters on treats are described as being hi flow. Is there anything that will give it basically the same flow as it would have if there was no filter at all? A lot of my friends who've been into mopeds much longer than me say not to run a filter at all because you get better flow. That may be true but it seems that I'd want to protect my engine as much as possible after putting all the work I've put into it (I've rebuilt the engine and replaced nearly everything on the bike other than the frame, swingarm, and rear wheel)

I need something that will clear my pedals which is why I was using the E8 since it has a 90* angle making it face forward. It barely cleared the pedals to the point where it would work but if I ever had to actually pedal the bike I'd be kicking the filter, that's how close it was.

Does anyone have any experience with the ones that have just the metal screen. They are cheaper and seem like they'd have very little affect on air flow but how much do they keep out? something like this :


or this: https://www.treatland.tv/32mm-screen-air-filter-PHBG-p/dellorto-air-filter-g1-32mm.htm

What are people out there running? I'd like to avoid changing my jetting if possible. I've got an 82 main jet in right now and the next size down I have is a 72 so I'd also like to avoid having to buy more jets as well.

Someone in another thread said I should get a pleated K&N type but I really can't afford to spend $50 on a filter right now.

I was eyeballing this malossi E5. https://www.treatland.tv/malossi-PHBG-air-filter-p/malossi-phbg-filter-042412.ko.htm

I like that it's offset and seems like it would still clear my pedals and it would look rad since my pipe, forks, and shocks are all chrome as well. It doesn't have any reviews though which make me a bit reluctant to get it. The E8 I lost had a bunch of good reviews.


Re: What air filter should I use?

I would go with the screen one myself you can't find a better flow than that one...

Re: What air filter should I use?

Yea and they're a lot cheaper than many of the others. I just wasn't sure how much would actually keep out of my cylinder. Obviously any sort of bigger debris would be kept out but I wasn't sure how much dirt it would keep out or water if I ever get caught in the rain.

Re: What air filter should I use?

As long as you are not motocross dirt bike / sand pit riding no problem....

Re: What air filter should I use?

Charles McCusker /

I got the K&N for that carb off amazon prime for like $30. I'm really happy with it, but with the MLM intake on the M1 It's super easy to kick if you aren't mindful.


Re: What air filter should I use?

todd amundson /

What kit on what frame?

I run a lot of PHBG's and because it can be turned around and upside down I stick with the E12. Plus Iv'e ditched the foam before and run screen inside during the summer.

Re: What air filter should I use?

Alukit with Malossi 4 petal reed block and MLM intake for VM18 on Tomos ST frame. The carb sticks straight out to the side perpendicular to the frame. I had been eyeballing that E12 as well because it seems like it might give me just a bit more clearance on the pedals than the E8. The pedal only cleared that by a fraction of an inch.

Yea I'm not doing anything crazy like dirt riding. It's all street with the occasional rip through a field at a nearby park on my lunch breaks.

That's not a bad deal for that K&N filter. I would only be concerned about pedal clearance with it sticking straight out but it might work since it looks like it's slightly tapered.

Re: What air filter should I use?

I would add that I am not running a front fender right now because the forks on my bike were bent when I bought it and I replaced them with a set of EBR forks for a puch that a friend of mine had as well as a 17" snowflake with a gazelle. My stock fender was rubbing the tire so I had to ditch it.

I was riding in a spot where they were repaving the road the other day and there was quite a bit of debris getting kicked up by my front tire. That's not a common occurrence so maybe it's not worth worrying about too much I suppose, but I still don't want any of that shit getting sucked into my carb.

Re: What air filter should I use?

Charles McCusker /

Personally I think the benefits of a filter outweigh anything else. particulates are bad for engines. Filter is cheaper than a new engine/rebuilding an engine.

Re: What air filter should I use?

My thoughts exactly. Half the guys I ride with do not run a filter for performance reasons. I just feel like I've put a lot of time and effort into getting my bike to the point it's at and I don't want something stupid like not protecting the inside of it to cause me more problems down the road.

Re: What air filter should I use?

Where 's Ken with his recommendation for a metal mesh filter haha

Re: What air filter should I use?

Dan (LandLordsMG/PSVMC) /


run that, with some 3M scuff pad inside for a filter.

Or grab another E8, I love that one

Re: What air filter should I use?

Yea I really liked the E8 myself. I'm pretty pissed at myself for managing to lose it. It looked and sounded really badass. Chances are it'll turn up the minute I replace it because that's just how things seem to go with me.

I'm leaning towards the E12 though because it seems like it might give me just a bit more clearance than the E8. Not that I should be needing to pedal anywhere anytime soon, but you never know. Hopefully it'll give me the same amount of air flow because the E8 seemed like I could jet it the same whether the filter was on or off.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I may pick up that cheaper screen air filter as well because I'll be starting my second build soon and will most likely be running a PHBG on that as well so I'm curious to see how that filter does.

Dan, where do I find that 3M scuff pad? I imagine I can get it at home depot or the like but not sure where I'd look for it.

Re: What air filter should I use?

Dan (LandLordsMG/PSVMC) /

Buddy Shirey Wrote:


> Dan, where do I find that 3M scuff pad? I imagine

> I can get it at home depot or the like but not

> sure where I'd look for it.

Yeah Home Depot, or any retail auto parts place. Should be near the sandpaper/bodywork section.

I like to grab mine from the local O'Reilly Auto Parts because you get 3 sheets for about $6. At least you used to, I haven't had to buy any for a while since i get it free from my yob.

Re: What air filter should I use?

Cool thanks for the info. +1 for O'Reilly. It's about the only place in town that carries my spark plugs and they usually have sheets of gasket paper for real cheap too.

I went with the E12 in hopes that it'll have about the same performance as the E8 but with a bit more clearance for pedals. Fingers crossed on that. If not I'll be purchasing some of the lil shorty pedal arms off of treats in the near future.

I'll be trying this for sure though as I'll be placing another order next pay day and grabbing up one of those screen filters.

Yea it's nice being able to get shit free from work. I work for a rather large AV company so I have access to all the soldering equipment and spare wiring I could ever want. I recently hardwired my entire bike without having to spend a dime.

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