50cc Doppler AV10

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

Here's the setup:

50cc Doppler kit + Doppler head

Le Partie CDI @ 1.3mm BTDC

SHA 15.15 with a 66 jet and two screens (elevation about 3500 ft)

2-Ball stock variator

Derestricted stock exhaust (spring mounted as there are some stripped threads in the kit)

I can't remember what crank

Top speed is maybe 32 MPH, and I expected a little more. I know this kit doesn't make power till high RPMS, so would a Varplus solve my issue? Or do I *Have* to go all out, doppler variator and doppler pipe? Perhaps a different kit?

These were all parts I already had, and the bike will be for booting around town. I don't mind spending some money on this bike, I'd just like it to be in the right places.

Thanks! (edited)

Re: 50cc Doppler AV10

The pipe will be what lights that kit up all the way, without the supercharging effect, you'll not get the huge power boost around 8K that takes you up to 10K RPMs or so.

Re: 50cc Doppler AV10

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

Max, your past posts have already been a huge help to me learning about MBK, so double thanks!

Am I to understand that I can stick with the mobymatic for now, and go with a pipe? I mean, I'll probably replace the variator eventually, but... money. And it's my girlfriend's bike.

Re: 50cc Doppler AV10

pipe it up! fucker needs to breathe (out and in)

Re: 50cc Doppler AV10

Doppler pipes on the Girlfriend's bike without a Variator...

Hm. Bear in mind, the power hit is going to be rather extreme with that set up, unless your girlfriend is the sort to get a rush from that sort of thing.

I speak from experience, my wife never rode over 25MPH on a piped moby and that caused some issues right there.

Start with a variator and get it dialed in, and then maybe regear. The doppler pipe is a serious piece of resonant technology, and it'll make dreams come true, except sometimes they're nightmares.

Re: 50cc Doppler AV10

Dangertooth -PipeDreams/- /

Yeah... I ended up finding an AV7, ported it and stuck it on her bike. Ordered a gianelli pipe and a varplus for the AV10 I guess I'm building for me. Yay!

Thanks for the tips!

Re: 50cc Doppler AV10

Dan (LandLordsMG/PSVMC) /

I run a Gianelli with a ER3 variator and I'm hitting right about 50mph with most of my power being in the upper midrange.

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