Moby motor mods

I just picked up an old 1962 Motobecane 'Pantin'. I will use this as a pit bike at the races so Im looking for bottom end and mid-range power mostly. What style/ type of motor do i have? and what would be the best motor, pipe, carb, clutch combo?

Is the Airsal 47mm kit the way to go? Or a AV10 kit motor? W


Re: Moby motor mods

Might as well go all out. I have a brand new polini build AV10 for sale in the buy/sell forum. It makes a crate engine look like a broken child's toy.

- Huge "Stock" AV10 cases - Rock them and be one of the few, if not the only person in the US with them. No restrictor blocks in the transfers like normal AV10 cases.

- 4 Petal reed block. This isn't your wimpy 2 petal. It tucks in tight to the crank for lower case volume.

- Teknix crank- Brand new, new seals and bearings (duh)

- ER3 (clutch version) Variator - Anodized black. No blue. No paint. Anodized baby!

- Artek Inner rotor - This tiny rotor makes an HPI look like a brick. Smooth, shiny, super bright lights, and a sick curve. What?

- Polini W port 50cc kit - Installed but never run. Discontinued forever. Good luck finding another new one... unless you keep reading below.

-Doppler head - Because Doppler knows their stuff.

Over $1000 into this and it can be all yours for the low price of $800 including shipping.

Re: Moby motor mods

Slap a lifen on it!

Re: Moby motor mods

^get out.

Re: Moby motor mods

whoa eric. rad. I'd be on that if I didn't need to build everything. but then I'd be bored. It's cheaper than the parts though. I'm gonna spend more to do more work - hah. womp womp

but its the work I crave. a labor of love.

sweet motor.

Re: Moby motor mods

AV10 crate motor would get you most of the way there. You'd have to build up the rest of the bike to handle a powerful french race engine. =P

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