Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

Just got this rare Franco Morini Metrakit from Spain for a friend’s AV7 build.

Cylinder: Big exhaust port, bridged transfers, interesting intake and boost arrangement, Boyesen ports, and cast iron liner with over molded aluminum. Huge fins, huge reeds, huge piston, and the transfer tunnels look like a Much cleaner puch hero kit with higher timings.

Piston: Fairly plain, 47mm two ring, 12mm wrist pin piston.

Reeds: Big rubber coated fiberglass 4 petal gilardoni reeds. VERY nice, Metrakit brand. Intake casting is like, 90% clean, could totally be used as is with a PHBG.

Cylinder head: Absolutely beautiful, but Very broad, shallow squish with a sharp edge and a Deep combustion chamber.

Somebody petition Airsal to make a slightly altered version of this kit for Motobecanes? I’m going to be doing most of the R&D anyways, and I’ll gladly share just so these kits are available again.

Because they could charge $250 for the cylinder/head combo if they included an engine mount. That’s the bugaboo here, but I think some coupling nuts and cleverness will help. Need to figure out a better vibration isolation system too, the stock mounts tend to tear out in a year or so, and poly bushings break engine mount bolts.

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

To make it easy you could try to match a parma head to the combustion chamber. Just learn to live with the bebe head.

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

the holes arent drilled?

holes? "i can fix that"

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

cool. lots of room for porting

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

Factory Boyesen ports?

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

Factory Boyesen ports. And check out that intake port.

As for porting... There's some cleanup here and there to smooth out some casting imperfections, but I'm pretty sure this kit will rip without changing any port timings. He wants a high torque bike that doesn't suffer from heat fade.

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

How will the head mount be addressed?

Re: Motobecane AV7 74cc Metrakit build

Working on that. Previous motor kept snapping mounting bolts, so I'm gonna have to do something special to address vibration.

Probably going to make a couple of steel plates that pick up case bolts and the cylinder head studs.

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