Upgrade tips?

I just bought a 78 motobecane model 7 and I want to upgrade it so that it goes faster, but i'm not sure how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: Upgrade tips?

search the wiki

Re: Upgrade tips?

Hi other guy in North Dakota!

Re: Upgrade tips?

well unfortunately the 7's don't have the same motor as other moby's so most of the good high power shit doesn't apply

but the general rules for tuning mopeds still apply, you just might need to get more creative adapting parts to fit

stuff like new better more tunable carb, bigger exhaust are best first steps, then you can play with gearing, and then play with porting. once you get the gist of how porting works you can copy timings from other similar engines

basic tuning guidelines are given here


Re: Upgrade tips?

It's a Moby. The best way to go fast is to follow this proven 5 step process:

1) Build an AV10

2) Get a massive pipe

3) Clutch pulley

4) Buy lots of belts

5) Profit

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But seriously, once you start modding a Moby, there's a lot of "you need this upgrade in order to do that upgrade" going on. It's very easy to have your build snowball $ until there's not much of the original bike left.

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Not sure you could get an Av10 on a model "7" there is an article in the wiki that outlines an affordable way to boost performance, check that out. Before you do, make sure your tires and brakes are up to what you will be asking of it, these are very light, you will have to keep a hold of it. :) My stock one feels faster than it is.

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Eric P has spoketh the truth. It really does snowball fast. Be careful.

Re: Upgrade tips?

Ѭ ɞŦЯʚOluv Ѫѫ /


IMO those things demand a banana seat and a flag. It seriously fits the look and probably adds .7mph

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simon thokaar /

get a mikuni and a pipe.

Re: Upgrade tips?

Dellorto 15.15 sha goes right onto the stock intake. 74cc Airsal kit, stock pipe derestricted and it's 40mph all day. Sleeper status too.

Re: Upgrade tips?

^ Cool set-up, the pipe is a different style than the 50 series, does it derestrict the same way?

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