Camino pulley mod for more travel

I've done a lot of mods to stock hobbit rear pulleys,

But never a Camino.

Tomorrow I will attempt to close those damn pulley cheeks all the way closed.

Going to permanently remove the grease seal on the inner section of the moving cheek hub, and then shave down all the steel that holds the seal in (3.5mm or so). Sacrifices must be made.

Looks like the hub is press fit into the cheek, so I'll probably have to rewelded after I remove material. Might have to further slot the lil guide channels to allow the extra travel, but there's actually a few extra mm in the channel already.

Very excited to make a Camino pulley usable.

They really suck for travel once you get used to a modded stock hobbit pulley.

Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

BOOP! Works amazing.

116mm belt height at rest now.

That's some low end baby!


Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Follow up report? Was the spring tension right? Any other changes?

Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

Spring was too weak.

So I used a modified spring (cut shorter to increase spring rate)

and a 1 inch PVC pipe spacer.

Now it performs better than ever before.

Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

I forgot to mention I did cut the lil nubby guy channels farther to get more travel without bottoming out in the slot BOOOOOOMMMMMMM

Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

Hey jbot, have you tried the euro pulley with the treats rumpus plate? i'm curious because the spring was too weak before but with the rumpus plate it might not be...

Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

Yes, the rumpus works pretty well with the stock spring. Rumpus was designed for stock springs, won't variated well with strong springs....but fuck strong springs anyways

There is a very simple way to strengthen that spring if it's still too weak

Cut about 2 coils, and then add the pvc spacer in its space about 1 inch. Then compress.

Usually feels about 15-20% stronger. Worked great on my lil 50cc ripper(edited)

Re: Camino pulley mod for more travel

Michael McCullough /

Do you have any hobbit pullys that are modded

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