Seeking QT 50 CDI advice

I have a QT 50 with a malossi 70cc kit, vm18 carb, 18mm intake, 100 main jet, middle notch needle jet, 25 pilot jet, MLM sidebleed pipe, stiffer clutch springs, and boyesen reeds. Stock CDI.

Unless these things run this hot and im not aware of it I am having troubles keeping my head at a good running temp. When I run it really rich I can keep it under control but whenever I jet it reasonably I get right up to 350+, no problem getting to 400. Jetted really high I sit around 320 at WOT, but it runs like shit.

I was wondering if this HPI CDI is worth getting for the curve at high rev or if a $20 jog CDI like this will retard it enough to lower the temps at the head.

Otherwise is there something im missing? Any recommendations or advice?

Re: Seeking QT 50 CDI advice

Benjamin LaPlante /

Yeah you will have issues keeping the bike cool with stock ignition. People run your setup though so it can't be too bad. I'd like to try that hpi on my qt.

Re: Seeking QT 50 CDI advice

Minnesota Moper /

I'm willing to spend the money if it's going to solve my problem but I don't have an extra $300 just to experiment

Re: Seeking QT 50 CDI advice

I want that so bad. Been eyeballing it for 2 weeks lol. 12v, adjustable timing, 60w coil and I would think the other HPI CDI would work. Sweet!


First what head are you using? And I would try the $20 option if $$ is a concern. I would rather have a $20 paper weight than a $300 one.

Re: Seeking QT 50 CDI advice

Benjamin LaPlante /

I have no doubt the hpi will keep your bike cooler. Retarding ignition ftw!

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