Mikuni Powerjet Install

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just picked up a powerjet kit for my mikuni VM18 spigot mount carb

will do a step by step install with pics in following posts

may or may not be beneficial to your current setup. the basic principle is that in a multi-stage carb, there are minor inconsistencies in the throttle range from closed to WOT, and the main jet covers too wide of a range in the throttle.

to cure this and in efforts to find more power, mikuni employed a powerjet system (essentially another jet stage in the carb) first on the TZ350, which at the time was a giant leap in carb tech and became widely used across many applications (mostly racing)

the powerjet system allows for lean main jetting, and from 3/4 to WOT opens the powerjet and more fuel mixture is allowed through the mid-and top ranges of the throttle (power boost)

here is the kit - as you can see it is universal for mikuni carbs (i guess it could be made to use on others?)

example of how this kit will function:

pros: boost in mid and top range rpm

cons: increase in fuel consumption

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