A55 exhaust recommendations?

I bought my a55 Tomos sprint with a techno bullet on it. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a new pipe cause this one has gotten it's use out of it. Also I'm running a foam air filter. Also what jets do you find work best with the pipe you're recommending.

Re: A55 exhaust recommendations?

I was planning on getting a side bleed and 130 isn't a bad price! Thanks man I'll definitely consider it Gona read some of the reviews on treat land now

Re: A55 exhaust recommendations?

Matthew Weaver /

TOMOS A55 Speed Upgrade

-MLM Peoples Pipe


-22T Rear Sprocket

-Tune up

Re: A55 exhaust recommendations?

Baron Von Hamilton /

Decent setup^^^

Peoples pipe is crap. Worse than what you have now. MLM Cali For A55 is great.

But ya.... estoril is great. If you want to spend more money the MLM Cali is great. Peoples pipe is good if you want a stock performance like replacement.....which for some reason people do...idk

Re: A55 exhaust recommendations?

Brandon Weiss (aka B-Man) /

I have the estoril sidebleed on my A55...its actually a relatively high hitting pipe compared to other estorils......i have the 44mm airsal A55 kit, and i rev a bit over 10,000rpm with it according to the gearing calculator. 26x24 gears and i hit 46mph.

18mm intake, 17.5mm phva.

Power really hits about 16mph, then i shift at 22, and it rips my face off again at 30mph, all the way up to 46.

Its a fantastic pipe.

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