Puch Cobra... need more speed, more power

Andrey Netboy /

I recently upgraded my Puch Cobra from stock parts to the following:

70cc K-Start kit + hi comp head

15mm Bing clone carb

15mm Bing stock-like intake

Puch sidebleed estoril performance pipe

I’ve tried a number of jets from 88-60. The only jet that seems to work ( i.e. no four stroking + starts/idles properly) is a 64 or the jet that came with stock Bing 14mm carb. The problem is, I’m still not getting a big boost in speed or power. I’m pretty sure everything else on the bike is stock (except the tires). The Treats guys say that I should be getting 40-50mph with that setup, but I’m barley hitting 30mph. It’s been suggested to “keep tuning”, but other than switching out the jets and adjusting the throttle needle I’m not sure what to do. I’m using a new spark plug and I’ve checked for air leaks using carb cleaner. Everything seems tight.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks. (edited)

Re: Puch Cobra... need more speed, more power

Probably Fred /

Use a 217 atomizer in the clone .

This is a must!

With the 217 atomizer you can run a 78-80 jet with performance filter.

Of course timing is before Jetting so set point gap and time correctly to specifications

Re: Puch Cobra... need more speed, more power

Andrey Netboy /

Thanks man. The clone came with a 217 atomizer, so I guess the next step will be to adjust the timing. I was hoping to avoid that, but if it will result in better performance, it can't hurt.

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