suzuki FA50 adjustment running rich?

My FA50 seems to run fine but on downhills i can hear it bogging ...i attached pics of my piston and i running too rich? i have a 60cc kit, up jetted the stock carb to 95 main jet and 17.5 idle jet. stock air filter with holes drilled in cover. stock exhaust I'm putting on a shaved cylinder head soon with a cooler spark plug. please let me know if i should maybe adjust the throttle needle to be leaner? if so how far should i move clip since its currently in the middle position..



Re: suzuki FA50 adjustment running rich?

Time before jetting.

Try a b7hs plug.

Your crazy rich from what the picture tells. Run a head temp gauge and start downjetting the main jet. Try not to exceed 375*. If your bogging at wot the carb is only using the main jet. No need for needle adjustment yet. Get it happy at wot, the play with the needle.

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