Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

E50 with brown Pietcard 3055 internal coil and 2041 box with Olympia main coil. Bosch flywheel 0 212 124 066.

3055 with numbers facing out, woodruff key removed and attempting to time it. But I can't because it jumps about 2 positions. Before the jump it does curve a bit (not sure if moving the right direction tho?) then rev higher and zap its advanced a ton. Check this

Is it a fried CDI or do I need the ZA50 flywheel? 3055 with numbers facing inwards does not work btw (edited)

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

i believe you need the za flywheel? its been awhile since i worked on my puch.

> > > hey man, good to see your rippin with the

pietcard! havnt had time to play with mine

yet but just wanted to clarify... so all you did was setup the coil rightside up (numbers out, wires back) and rotate the stator all the way clockwise? woodruff key in?

> >

> > Yup, but using the za50 #044 flywheel as well

mind you i havnt timed mine yet, so not running yet, just installed everything. this is all hearsay and speculation. but austin got it running with this setup. im just lazy.

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

trash setup. you aren't the first person to have those exact issues.

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

idk we had a bunch of problems with ours, like it would only run reverse or having a crazy curve. tried it with a couple different magnetos and eventually ended up with numbers out and a za magneto, i cant remember the number off hand.

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

Dr Olix Y Bob /


i got a za50 flywheel installed and its behaving exactly the same. possibly with a bit more curve at low rpm before it skips over, around 1700rpm.

it must be the CDI box. crap

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

Are most of these having issues? I was considering going this route with a Tomos project but haven't searched about it.

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

This cdi is amazing but it requires one to have a number of ZA 044 flywheels around. I have excellent results with mine. BUT, even if the flywheels are the same numbers and look exactly the same, they are not. You can have huge timing differences between one and another. For each flywheel it may be required to try numbers out, numbers in, flip to other position numbers out, numbers in. Which ever position gets you closest, leave the coil there and start swapping flywheels. You will likely find one that gets close enough to move the stator plate to fine tune.

If not the four position method will need to be used for each flywheel.

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

Dr Olix Y Bob /

right so i wasted coin on a replacement 2041. its the same. the initial jump is so that it is retarded for easy starting. but over 3000rpm it sparks 2x per rev or 180 out.

i don't have a problem timing it accurately since i lapped the flywheel taper with grinding paste. it just goes haywire on higher revs.

gonna try a bit more but I'm almost saying hpi time.

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

Dr Olix Y Bob /

yip. i think the automobile timing light may have been throwing me off the scent. running nicely now with idle timing starting at approx 19°. hurrah no more dicking with points and i got a slight timing curve to boot. i think it was worth the perservering.

was drowning er with fuel too, dropped one size to 88 main and all is sweet. not getting too hot either so i think there is a bit more to be had.

fairly stealthy looking still:

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

I am having a similar problem with timing my

garelli. I am using a green pietcard and a 2013

box. It is going out 180 degrees like yours was.

You made a comment that the timing light was

throwing you off. Can ask why you said that. Also

how did you fix it from going out 180 degrees. I

can get mine to start. Starting with the choke is

difficult but do able. But if I check the timing

light it will be right on at start. If I rev it,

it will sometimes go 180 out. Sometimes it will

come back to where it is supposed to be sometimes

it wont. Sometimes I can make it come back by

bouncing the throttle. Just want to know how you

fixed your issue and is what I am seeing normal

for a CDI box setup?

Re: Puch E50 Pietcard 3055 and 2041 timing problem

Dr Olix Y Bob /

Mine seemingly runs well on the street, but on the stand with the timing light on it does appear to also fire 180° out sometimes. It's not detectable when running, which is why I am saying it might be to do with the timing light. Try it.

For starting, my pietcard will retard the spark by probably 25° at speeds below approx 2000rpm (it does this for easy starting), so idle speed needs to be just above that. you can see that happening in the video.

On E50 you have to run sans woodruff key. I don't know for Garelli. If same, is your flywheel slipping? Mine was slipping and it required lapping before it would hold enough for a running engine. Don't be tempted to use Loctite on the joint, lap it properly with paste. I used an o-ring on the crank to stop paste getting into the case seal. Clean both surfaces off with acetone, then torque the nut down. I used Loctite on the nut once I was confident of the correct flywheel positioning. I also added a hardened washer behind the nut, with oiled faces to help overcome friction and get more force into the taper joint.

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