need help

terry morgan /

heres my you will tell..i am only so knowlegeable about all of this..i am learning though..i have an 09 tomos streetmate R..i was looking for speed so I went the simple route everyone was suggesting on these choices were.. mlm pipe..mesh filter,22 tooth me to 39-41mph..of course I wanted I just put on the arisol kit with a 18 mm mikuna carb with the matching intake..and I must say..after breaking the new kit got much faster..i just hit 48mph..and i'm son is lighter than me..and his phone gps just said his top speed was 50..that is quite fast enough for me..but after 2nd day of riding..the transmission started revving really high before switching to 2nd gear..sometimes not wanting to switch at all..felt like it was slipping just a bit before it wanted to kick this normal after going with a different set up like I've done? there something I can do to correct this.. thanks for any suggestions in advance

Re: need help

Probably Fred /

Sounds like you wasted the clutch lining do to power increase and hi gearing

Time to recork you clutches

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