Moby vm18?

Has anyone successfully used a vm18 on an av7? I see mlm makes and intake for it, but I don't see it fitting right and being able to stay out of the way during variation, kinda big carbs. I have 2 vm18s laying around and I'm not a huge dellorto fan, so if anybody has done this and can tell me how it went that would rule, I just don't want to spend 50 dollars on an intake and the carb not even work with it.

Re: Moby vm18?

rick ziereis /

Yes I mounted one on a worn av-7. It worked ok. I used a shorty pbhg or what ever the letters are, and an aluminum can shim along with some silicone. I was warned it would break the carb but it never did. I had to get creative with an air filter and used some pvc pipe elbows, a 90 and a 45 to turn to the side and up. Variated well but I am using a gas strut and no side cover.

Re: Moby vm18?

simon thokaar /

Yes, it is kind of a tricked out av7 that runs off AVgas. Only real issue is a filter to block the belt dust from entering.. some pantyhose works.

Re: Moby vm18?

I too have used the shorty phgb intake and treats also has a plastic shim that works. The only other thing is I think I used a 90 degree elbow for the throttle cable at the top of the carb instead of the straight piece that comes with a vm18 just to make sure the cable wouldn't get pinched.

Re: Moby vm18?

yup, the phbg av7 intake with the vm18 sized shim works nicely. Think it's this one

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