Amsoil synthetic ATF in a morini m1stock clutch?

I've read a bunch of threads about only using the manufacturers specs on trans fluid...the manual says in caps "DO NOT USE TRANSMISSION FLUID"

Any one ignore all this and try?

I have a quart of the amsoil super shift synthetic trans fluid next to me right now...but...I'm a little reprehensive about using it...I'll put in the magnum but I'm just not sure about this

Re: Amsoil synthetic ATF in a morini m1stock clutch?

the ktm stuff does work.. i would go on to the ktm forum and start reading about the oil they use in single speed wet clutch engine, imo.

Re: Amsoil synthetic ATF in a morini m1stock clutch?

Dirty30 Dillon /

I've heard the non-detergent bikes like the Minarelli/Morini engines require the SAE 30 non detergent.

But Dibble runs 10w30 synth for moto wet clutch and loves it. I feel like ATF my be too grabby tho once it sheds the fluid on the pads.

Re: Amsoil synthetic ATF in a morini m1stock clutch?

Thanks!....I'll look for ktm forums...guess what I'm wondering is will there be adverse effects to the clutch material or internals if I run this stuff...if not I'm going to toss it in and give it a whirl.

Just experimenting with different springs and fluids...but I don't want to ruin my pads.

I'm hoping that they don't want you to use ATF because a stock 50cc needs the slip with low rpm engaging springs.

But with say the blues...slipping to 5k and a pipe that pulls at 3.5-4k...maybe the ATF would have a little more grip while it slips...getting me moving faster rather than slipping past the start of the thoughts at least.

Austin's springs were right on...I have them but im curious :)

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