a35 clutch spring Q...

does cutting the clutch springs on tomos clutches actually work? to delay engagement. or does it just stretch out?

Re: a35 clutch spring Q...

it works great.

i usually cut a little and lighten the shoes a lot so there is less shit banging around and smashing. a little bit of lightening goes much much further than a lot of spring cutting.

when you cut it, make sure you do it slowly so you don't ruin the temper, and be very careful about how you bend the loop back out. if they snap, they will usually snap at the point where you bent up the loop.

the best thing you can do is to put the asbestos friction shit on them and put them in a lathe or on a mill rotary table and get them perfectly concentric with .010-020 clearance (radial) to the bell

clutch clearance on the tomos and ZA clutches is absolutely the biggest factor in keeping them alive. the friction material wears longer so the clearance doesn't go to hell right away, and it slips more than the cork shit and engages more gradually.

a well blueprinted clutch can survive anything but the most aggressive (gila) setups, especially if you ease on the throttle and let it slip into gear without banging.

Re: a35 clutch spring Q...

Cody Peacock /

It works, what rpm were you looking to engage at?

Look around, there are pre-made springs at 20,25,30lb rates that are like $10 a piece. I wouldn't mind cutting my own springs, especially for more precise adjustment, but there are myths that cutting your own can decrease the integrity enough to ruin them.

Treats and 1977 sell the pre-made springs, but I believe they are out of stock at the moment.

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